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Parasite? on shrimp


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Hello, I have recently acquired a tank and have just noticed on one or two of my shrimp these polyp looking things on their nose. 

I suspect this may be some type of leach or parasite? 

Should I be concerned, how best to treat them without impacting the plants and what causes them to appear?






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Scutariella or leeches?  Either way, I'd pick up some "No Planaria".  It'll make your tank cloudy, but it's shrimp safe and should take care of both.  It should be pretty plant safe...  


What do you have for plants and do you use CO2?  It doesn't hurt to increase water oxygenation while using meds.  Maybe cut back on any CO2 you're using and pop in an additional airstone...


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Aww poor thing. You could try a salt dip too. Thats what worked for me in the past. Didnt know no planaria works on those too. So glad theres a forum, we learn something everyday.

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6 hours ago, ILikeAsianBooty said:

You could try a salt dip too.

 Yeah and a salt dip is fast.  Just make sure it's aquarium salt.  Most local pet stores will have it.  And you can get the "No Planaria" on line.  That'll treat the tank.

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Scutariella, a Salt Dip with Aquarium or Kosher salt will do the trick.   


Dosage: 1 teaspoon to 1 cup of clean tank water (not tap water).
Duration: 30sec to 1 minute. You might need to repeat this a couple of times until the parasite disappears, so it's recommended to keep the infected shrimp in a breeder or hospital tank (could be another cup of tank water).

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