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High Nitrates


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I have started having problems with my nitrates rising in my 10 blue bolt tank with a hmf on it.  So I was doing a water change to see if that would help then noticed behind the hmf there was about a half inch of brown detritus so vacuumed as much as I could out.  Could this be the reason for my nitrate spike?  Thanks in advance.



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What ppi is your sponge rated? It could be sucking up the smaller bits of organic matter and settling behind the sponge. Too much feeding of powdered or "messy" foods can seep right through sponges easily. It has to settle somewhere I guess. I would assume HMF would trap a lot of organic matter due to the large surface area, which will ultimately be converted to nitrates anyways. Best you can do is keep up with water changes and maybe feed less.

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