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shrimp dying! What to do?


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I had my tank of shrimp for 2 weeks. I got 5 crystal red shrimp and they all survived the first week and seemed fairly active. 


However during the second week, I had shrimp dying off one by one and now I'm down to one shrimp. My last shrimp seems to be doing ok though, it is swimming around the tank and eating off various plants.


My water parameters are currently 

Ammonia 0

Nitrite 0

Nitrate 0

pH 6.8

GH 4 degrees

KH 2 degrees

TDS 300 ppm

Temp 77 F


I have three Harlequin rasboras which have been doing well. The shrimp don't mind the fish as they sometimes perch well in sight of the fish. I also have four nerite snails which are also doing ok, as well as three amano shrimp who tend to hide under the plants. 


I have some plecowafers, some sinking shrimp pellets and just got bacter ae and waiting for some other shrimp foods as their food supply. However all the shrimps seem to just prefer grazing on the plants I have, in fact at least two of them died while perched on some leaves. 


If my last shrimp goes, I might just get some different kind of shrimp 

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I've gotten some new shrimp and put the fish in a tank I got from a local resident. 


I basically tore down the tank and removed all the gravel, and put back in fluval shrimp stratum and did water changes to bring it down to around 180 tds. However I notice my tds keeps raising, does food cause the TDS to rise?


So far the new batch of shrimp seem to be doing fine. Also the amano shrimp from the original group have all survived and somehow became quite large.


Now I'm debating whether or not to do water changes to only bring down TDS, as my other water parameters seem good, no nitrates at all plus 6 GH and 2 KH, pH around 6.4 to 6.2 


when i received the shrimp, they were all alive, but after i did a drip acclimation for about 4 hours, I noticed two dead shrimp the next day. Is it normal to see a couple of shrimp die off within 24 hrs? Since then I have not seen a single dead shrimp, though it's entirely possible that they could have eaten the dead body? When I saw the first two dead shrimp they were still relatively untouched, so if there are no shrimp bodies, then they should be ok?

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Are you using RO water with a shrimp specific remineralizer or just tap water?  300 TDS is super high for your gH & kH to be that low.  If you are using tap water, what are your tap water parameters out of the faucet?  

That temp (77F) is also pretty high for shrimp.  I'd drop down to 72F or below otherwise you will have issues with them, that could be why they are dying.


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16 hours ago, ahboram said:

yes food will cause tds to rise. Are the tanks cycled? Usually you want to buy shrimp that match your parameters. I had the best results when the parameter were just a bit off. 

ive been doing nitrogen tests and they all read 0 for the last three weeks, and all the non-inbred animals are doing fine (nerite snails, amano shrimp)

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1 hour ago, niwradshrimp said:

im using RO water, right now TDS is about 190, i also dropped the temp to 72, at least according to the heater indicator. i have a stick on thermometer that says 74-73 though 


That TDS is crazy high for your gH/kH still, not sure how it got that way.  I'd ride it out at this point until you can check your TDS Meter and test kit to see if they are good.


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the test kit is definitely working, i have other tanks which give me different readings for each tank i test. It'll be weird if it just gave me consistently one results for one tank and consistently another result for a different tank, I would imagine. The same goes for the TDS meter


Plus it gave reasonable results when I did water changes, TDS dropped by 10% when I changed about 10% of the water


I'm going to let the tank sit for now as the shrimp all seem to be doing ok, no dead shrimp for the past two weeks. 

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