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Low PH will my BM shrimp shrimplets be OK?


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Well I shouldn't of used Brightwell substrate on my mixed 9 gallon Eheime tank, I have bloody mary and TT shrimp and a few CRS . My Bloody mary shrimp are going to have shrimplets in a about a month, my PH is 6 .2-6.4 , I know this is low for the BM, do you think the babies will survive ? thanks....IMG_0549.jpg.3f1ee47d92e34abdf8493a2e3bdbe190.jpg

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A lot of them will survive, you might have higher losses than in a pH 7 tank but neos are adaptable and they will thrive over several generations. They will probably outbreed your CRS.


I have BMs in my Blue Bolt tank and the BB babies keep dying while the BMs are breeding at pH 6.4. 

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