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Hi Everyone,


I am back. It has been a while since I was here. I got busy with personal things (plus I got feed up with the other forum).. Anyways, I will be working on few projects that I would like to share with everyone here. 


One project that I am actually currently working is a DIY oxygenator. Most of you already know this and may currently implementing it. The DIY that I am working on is different than the Hydrogen Peroxide decomposition via enzyme (e.g. potato). My catalyst is different (e.i. non-enzymatic pathway), which I just made. In fact, I just tested it and it is working great. Now, I just need to buy 6% Hydrogen Peroxide solution, install my oxygen inlet to my tank and I will be done with this project <-- really close to be done then.


My other project is acclimating leopard tiger shrimp from soft water to hard water. My acclimation plan will take around 7 days. I may make some sort of journal about this. For those who own and have experiences with leopard tiger, I would like to get information. Thanks in advance.




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