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Crossbreeding Tiger and Mischlings.

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I few weeks ago I setup a new tank with Fluvan stratum cycle the tank remove nitrate and added 4 male tigers and one female. Slowly acclimatize them to soft water in two days period. And they are doing great I added a female Mischling and she was already with eggs to drop her liter and now I got baby's and the tiger same two so I got tiger and mischlings baby's just waiting for the male tigers to do their thing. This experiment is to try to keep tigers in soft water to mate with my mischlings. After 6 weeks I lost two male tigers. But that ok I got another tank setup with tigers and got plenty and baby suvirval of the tigers in Stratum is great but not for Mischlings half died. The gold is to make my own super tiger. and move them to another tank with Brightwell that I setup 11/13/2018. Later in future the offspring from the tiger and mischlings do I need to cross back with tiger or just inbreed brother with sisters? 



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