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Shrimp sale


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Ok so all neos are now ready.


All min qty 10

Shipping $15

$18 shipping for multiple packs up to 4 in one box


24K Golden Back Yellows $3.75 each

Painted Fire Red $3.00 each

C Sky Blue $4.00 each

Green Jade $4.50 each

Orange Rilli $3.50 each

Orange Pumpkins Neos $3.00 each2fd15cbd2e3db92a6a47cf3de283aeec.jpg970f634530b7ae064211fbf161d4fcb5.jpgd8dbe3ae4dbab23c8dabbb9f62514644.jpgf167591d99d83f1139f775d66616d8eb.jpg47968f9c175e090c725fad646984f841.jpgad97c26a10d9b5d33d5c9853113cb565.jpgc258509e1553ee6e13ff5438c8959fde.jpgd9ddba64e105d829f262936cae8284e3.jpg


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Hello very beautiful shrimp I know the post is from January. 5th but do you have any Green Jades or any Golden Back yellows left thankyou my email gemlechner@gmail.com if you have any please let me know they look fantastic thanks for your time


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