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Stardust & Yellow Jackets 4$ each $ale

Tibee Inc

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Stardust & Fancy Tigers/Yellow Jackets for sale plus USPS shipping within USA. 


Both are 4$ a piece with a minimum purchase of 12. 


My Fancy Tigers being offered are mostly yellow or have a darker coloration w/various Tiger striping.  You'll be amazed with what you'll get taking my Yellow Jackets & Xing them with a TBs.   


I'm offering both Stardust & Fancy Tiger/Yellow Jacket shrimp for 4$ a piece & you can mix/match & shipping costs.   


For pictures just checkout my thread in Genetics and Selective Breeding.


My Parameters.

Temp 66-72

TDS: 120-145

gH: 3-5 degrees

pH: 6.2 to 6.6


Other Important Information.

  • All shrimp sold are healthy & will be starved prior to shipment.
  • Following the parameters listed will boost survival, reduce stress & shorten the acclimation process.
  • Packaging will be more than appropriate for the time of year.
  • Any issues, questions contact me by PM here as soon as possible, thanks.
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My Fancy Tiger/Yellow Jackets/Black Tibee are at least 5 gens & have the appearances shown below.  They do have Tangtai genes that are from 2 generations back.  The offspring were breed with Male black Pinto before being interbreed.  They do have Aura genes too.  


Once in a while, they'll throw a YKK, it's mostly now the patterns seen below.



Some yellow jackets have backlines while others have a stacked tiger pattern.






Some Black Tibees are in the mix to & all have TB genes.  See the blue in the male above....




Here's a shot of the Fancy Tigers in the mix too.




There's Mom for a bunch of them above.  Actually, the darker coloration in the head is blue but the photo doesn't pick it up.  :(



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