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Vorticella on Caridina?

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Hi, I'm new to the forum and shrimps, I'm seeing white dots/vorticella like stuff on my shrimp and my salt dips arent really effective. Most of the time i dip for 60 seconds in 1 cup of tank water with 15g of salt. It started with a few wine reds i got and spread . mostly single white wormy dot on their nose. Can anyone help me???
Im setting up another tank to quarantine them soon, does anyone have any experience with prazipro or paragard?

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Day 2: no shrimp deaths, one of my wine reds has a damaged exoskeleton, not sure if it was a botched molt but its alive, eating, and mobile. I have tiny. 1mm-3mm white worms that eat detritius and the smallest ones are floating and wriggling around at night (when I post this) those white dots you see in the photo are the worms. I see a few shrimp with single white scuttariella hanging on. Doing another water change this Saturday and redosing.5f40e850b6c6c9a7cc624e973ef21b37.jpg

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