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Driftwood and PH

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I use the Malaysia Drift Wood, and it does well for keeping the PH stable with RO water. I can keep the

PH at 6.4 stable with the Malaysia Drift Wood, and a small bag some peat pellets. Even using inert substrate,

or Fluval Shrimp Stratum. Doesn't seem to matter. I still can keep the PH stable using the combination of

Malaysia Drift Wood, Peat Pellets, and RO water at 6.4.  If I use too much peat pellets, I can drop it even lower,

so you don't have to use that much with RO water.

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Peat is only a temporary fix, get good substrate like Amazonia and you will be good. Drift wood does a little but does not last long. Again a temporary fix.

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I boiled mine for about 3 hours, and they sunk right away.

So far, my ph has not changed using what I have been using with the


Fluval Shrimp Stratum for substrate, Malaysia Drift Wood, a small filter of peat pellets, and RO Water

with some xmas moss and one plant. It stays rock steady at 6.4.  That being said, it has only been

3 to 4 months though. But so far, no up or down on the PH, it has been consistent in all of my tanks

with this setup and one of my other tanks just has inert substrate and has been steady at 6.4 for almost

a year now.

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