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FS: Blue Dreams $1ea, CRS and Sakura Cherry. $2ea


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Moving Sale!  These shrimp gotta go!

Update:  Some of you have asked/advised that my prices are hurting the shrimp market.  Please understand, these shrimp are offered at a VERY heavy discount for the purpose of moving them quickly.  I am moving out of my home in VA and moving to MD.  Most of these shrimp, outside of the original breeding stock, are young adults/juvenile (Especially the blue dreams as I have HUNDREDS).  My LFS typically purchase my shrimp from me.  However, they are too small at this time to be offered to the direct market.  They are perfect however for the hobbyist looking to expand.  The LFS easily sells them for $5ea.  (I get 1/3 of their price for store credit, not cash.  Its not the best deal, but we are a "Fish Fam" and we get our fish and food for free and are very thankful to have the shrimp provide for our hobby)



CRS - Sold Out

Blue Dreams - Sold Out

Sakura grade Cherry's:  Sold to LFS


Order all the shrimp ya want!  12$ shipping.  (will combine shipping)


DOA: Photo of dead shrimp in unopened bag within 1hr of drop off.


Paypal FnF preferred.


Edit: trying to add some video of the blue dreams.







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2 hours ago, penia013 said:

I will take the rest of the cherries and all the blue dreams you want to mail! I need a whole lot of shrimp! 


Penia, sounds good to me!  I have atleast 20 Cherries and 100 (easy) Blue Dreams.  PM me how many you wanna pay for ;)

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Thanks everyone helping me  move these shrimp.  I have a lot of PM's.  I "Think" I got with everyone.


Shrimp quantities updated above!


Still need to get rid of some CRS ( 5+1 of them ) and about 20 Cherries.


Thanks again!

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22 hours ago, mexicatz said:

I sent a pm for some blue dreams. I didn't get a response though


We got together today.  Yours are on their way (along with three other orders today!).


Shipped out 100 shrimp today alone!  The blue dream tank is finally looking sparse!   Thank you again all!



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We’re all done here!  Thank you everyone who helped me move roughly 200 Blue Dreams and 30 Crystal Shrimp.  Enjoy them!!  (I might hit you up for some once we get situated in our new house?)


Poor cherries didn’t get any love.  I’m taking those to the LFS tonight.


Thanks again all!

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