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Festive Season Holidays and taking care of the shrimp tanks


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I agree with pastu. Snowflakes won't pollute the water so that would be the best food source to provide your shrimps while you're gone. I also tend to load up on leaves to give them another extra food source that won't pollute the water. Since I have my aquarium lights set on a timer I plan to add an extra hour or 2 of light to increase the amount of algae and microorganism growth as a natural source of food. You can also try to turn down the room temperature slightly while you're gone. That will reduce the shrimp's metabolic rate, which will decrease the amount of food they'll need to eat and will also decrease the amount of waste the produce. Having plants in your shrimp tank will also help to provide them natural sources of food while you're gone. Hope this helps!

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Hi Everyone and thank you for all the suggestions and info.


I went on youtube and found the video Shrimp Life made (thank you so much for letting me know!!! :)) which I believe is the most helpful video along with 2 more when it comes to shrimp.


I am attaching them here in case in case anyone else needs similar info in the future. I got to go find myself some snow flakes now.. I think I read somewhere in the forum that we can make them ourselves (?).. I can not remember where though..

As for the leaves, basically all leaves will do assuming that they have not been treated with pesticides, correct? Leaves from flowers or just trees?



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