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Shrimp (Cardinia sale) For crossing breeding Projects! Beginner Friendly


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Welcome to the Shrimp Lab! Where all shrimp are homebred and I am striving to create blue shrimp via selective breeding and hybridization! NOTHING IMPORTED, Super Hardy! 
I've been in the hobby since 2013, and my Genetics are for those seeking to create new shrimp, patterns beyond the common Crystal \ Bee Shrimp

******If you’re really passionate and want an instant colony pm me and we can build you a special package! *******

All homebred, 100% hardier compared to imported shrimp and I’ve kept culls in my community fish tank using tap with no problems
From my experience starting with 6-8  shrimp is great for testing the waters,  but to really jump into the hobby 20+
Shipping is $15 Insulated Box Priority Mail with Tracking  

General Parameters for success
pH: 6.5                 
Tds: 120-140 tds   I use remineralized RO/DI water
gH 4~5
Temp 70-73F
All bags come with a little moss for the shrimp to hold onto and graze on during transit

+5 for a starter pack of food 
Cardinia  Limited quantities but i’ll try to include extras where I can
Specialty Cardinia Taiwan Bees
-They all have the potential to produce Galaxy Pintos!-

Bluebolt *mixed* $4
Black King Kong 1-2 bar $5
Redbolt $5 each **Limited  about 4 left
Extreme black King Kong $12 each

Easier Cardinias

Golden Bees $3 - SOLD OUT- 
Crystal Black/brown Mischling $3 ---(Offspring will throw Galaxy pinto, blue bolt, red fishbone ebbk + more!)
Low grade Tibee $3 each---(Great for crossing for patterns to make fancy tigers!!)
Auratai $8 each ---- *Shrimp which are further down the breeding path for Fancy Tigers

Lowgrade blue bolt 3.50

Beginner shrimp
~ These shrimp can also be kept at 7.2ph 250+ tds aka Tap water as long as it’s a well cycled tank~
Perfect for beginners I'll Include extras with purchases over 10+ ( i’ll add even more if you get a bunch)
[ 10/+3, 20/+6, 30/+10] 
Crystal Black/brown mischling $3 // Tibees ^ same as above $3

CBS, Snow White, Black Tibees

Malaysian Trumpet Snails $ 8 for 20 /  $12 for 30+ mixed sizes 
Rams Horn Snails mixed brown and pink $12 for 20-30+ snails 

All Plants are Beginner friendly grown in lowtech! Just good lighting
Floaters-- Great for Shade, and absorbing nitrates and Ammonia! 98% Duckweed free! All portions may have more that listed as I'm generous with these!

Dwarf Water Lettuce - $12 for +25 crowns
Redroot Floaters  - $15 for around 20+ plants! 
Amazon Frogbit - $12 20+ plants
Mixed Floaters $16 No Duckweed 
Mixed mosses $12 for a good portion

MISC and Stems
Ricca Pure No Bladderwort!*Pearls up with co2 or floats to create an island. 

$8 for a nice chunk, handball sized**] or $25 for a large mass which can be split for a scape


Narrow Leaf Anacharis $6 for a bunch of stems! 10 stems per

The Shrimp for Sale carry these genetics and their offspring may produce Pintos and Fancy Tigers

High Grade Black Galaxy Pinto, Aura Tiger, Blue Steel, Red Galaxy, Galaxy Fishbone Pinto, Royal Blue Tigers, Extreme Black King kong

Bluebolts come from this tank too!

The Shrimp LAB, I put a lot of time into this hobby and take it seriously Nothing is Imported!

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