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Fire Red Painted X Bloody Mary Neocardinia

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I am totally new to breeding shrimp other than increasing my colony of fire red painted shrimp.  I’m wondering if I cross them with Bloody Marys if I would get a more vibrant red. I imagine this has been done already. What comes of this cross?


Here’s a pic of my colony.


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They belong to different lines and color works in an opposite way, opaque red shell vs transparent shell and colored flesh.

  • There is a change of getting wild color type babies, if dominant genes are there.
  • If babies inherit opaque shell and red flesh, flesh will be not seen under opaque shell.
  • If babies inherit transparent shell and clear body, there will be no red at all.

Neocaridina seem to have a lot of polygenic traits, when one trait (red shell, for example, or red flesh color) relies on several genes, even more combinations with unknown consequences are possible.

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