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Please Help - Shrimp Keep Dying!

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Hello! Sorry in advance for the long post - I wanted to include as much information as possible!


I have been battling with shrimp loss and I just can't figure out why. Initially, I thought it was Nitrates - those came into check and now everything is stable. But the shrimp keep dying... 1-2 a DAY. Usually overnight. Tank has been set up for 6 months, 2 of which have been shrimp-only. Was originally cycled with, and intended for, fish… until I fell in love with shrimp! I don’t see any signs of planaria, hydra, parasites or illness in them – one day they are foraging and acting normal, the next they are dead. I did receive one shrimp in my shipment that appeared to have ellobiopsidae, and she is quarantined. There are some shrimplets in the tank, and one berried rili. I would appreciate any help or advice!


Here are the parameters:

Temp: 75.6

PH: 6.6

Ammonia: 0

Nitrites: 0

Nitrates: 2

TDS: 124

KH: 2

GH: 4

Copper: Negative

Phosphates: 0


Inhabitants (only a few of each kind):

  • Red & Black Crystal Shrimp
  • Zebra Babaulti Shrimp
  • Green Babaulti Shrimp
  • Blue Bolt Shrimp
  • Orange & Blue Rili Shrimp
  • Golden Back Yellow Shrimp
  • Tiger Eye Nerite Snails


Tank plants:

  • Water Sprite
  • Cabomba Caroliniana
  • Duckweed
  • Salvinia
  • Red & Green Myriophyllum
  • Anubias
  • Weeping Moss
  • Flame Moss
  • Riccia Fluitans
  • Bucephalandra (Theia Green, Lagoon, Kedagang Mini, Belindae)
  • Golden Creeping Jenny
  • Creeping Charlie
  • Marimo Moss Balls
  • Hydrocotyle Tripartita 'Japan'


Tank décor & Substrate:

  • Mopani Driftwood
  • Dragon Ohko Stone
  • Fluval Plant & Shrimp Stratum
  • Egg crate supports
  • Black aquarium gravel to fill in under the supports


Supplements & Food:

  • Tourmaline Mineral Balls
  • SunGrow Mineral Rocks
  • Alder Cones
  • Mohka Pod
  • Hikari Shrimp Cuisine (1-2x/week)
  • Hikari Crab Cuisine (1-2x/week)
  • BacterAE (1-2x/week)



  • Tap water, conditioned & allowed to sit out for 48+ hours
  • Aqueon Shrimp Tank Plus Conditioner (Previously Seachem Prime)
  • Aqueon Shrimp Essentials Trace Minerals



  • Aqueon 15 Gallon Column tank
  • Aqueon QuietFlow 10 LED Pro Filter
  • Added Seachem Matrix
  • 12” air stone across back of tank


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Hello.  It looks like you are using tap water AND shrimp remineralizer.  What is the TDS of your tap water before and after you remineralize it?  Most of the shrimp you are keeping are normally kept using RO or distilled water as a base before adding minerals.


Almost everything else you are doing looks like it shouldn't cause a problem.

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Hi! Yes - right out of the tap it is 40. After conditioner and remineralizer it is at 50 - in the tank, it's 124. Any time I do a water change or top-off, I drip the new water in with airline tubing, if that makes a difference to know!

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