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About to give up


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This is my last chance at possibly getting some help. Made previous posts but never received any replies. All of my shrimp are dead, one by one they kept dying off every other day. I feed a small portion of an algae wafer every day and take out what has not been eaten. Tried different foods even from shrimp king at they don't like anything else. Nothing seems to be wrong with the tank visually, bought test kits and my parameters are...


75- Degrees

292- TDS

7- Ph

Kh- 4

Gh- 9

N02 Nitrite- 0ppm

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Mixing to 200 tds seems a bit high but I don't think that is necessarily causing your problems.  I mix to 140 for my neos, which gives me GH8, KH4.


My tds in the tanks is around 160.


How are you doing water changes?  How often?  What percentage?


What are your ammonia and nitrate levels?


You should be fine feeding 2-3 times a week.  I wouldn't feed every day if they aren't eating it.



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7-8 gh is what I keep my neos. If you're changing water every week you're forcing them to try and adapt too often, and maybe forcing molts and then they die. Algae wafers do fine for some people, some people's shrimp it's too much protein and they end up with hunched backed shrimp that die. If they don't come to the food, they aren't hungry because they've been grazing off algae and biofilm in the tank. You can also try blanched organic veg like spinach, peas, green beans. If you can find someone selling dried mulberry leaves those are great too. Indian Almond are fantatic for shrimp. They add a little bit of tannins to the tank which helps with overall health of the shrimp. The leave and the veg sometimes take a day or two before the cellulose in them starts to break down and the shrimp become interested in them. The almond leaves last for a few months in my tanks, the mulberry about three days before they've ate it down to the stems. 

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