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Help needed, may have poisoned shrimp.


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Hello, I need some information about shrimp in general I guess. I recently purchased about a dozen neocaridina shrimp of assorted colors. For a few months everything was fine. Because I rush things, I used a medication in the tank. Api's Super ich cure. I did not realize that this medication is harmful to invertebrates. I am doing my best to clean any heavy metals from the water and I haven't used the medication since. But it's been a couple weeks now and every few days I lose another shrimp. Attached are images (my apologies for the quality) of the most recent death. The one in question was very discolored, originally green now showing blue spots and lethargy. My water peramiters check ok, I have ordered a copper test kit but am awaiting it in the mail. Any information helps even if it's just telling me there is nothing I can do.




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