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Salty Shrimp gh

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I'm starting a CRS tank and I just added di to my ro setup I'm getting 0 tds. I've added 2.35g of ss to 5 gallons of water and getting 5 gh but tds is 91ppm. (Mixed a couple hours with power head)This doesn't seem right. It's a new test kit so not expired. I re calibrated the tds meter recently with 342ppm calibration solution.

Does this sound right? Was expecting something around 130ppm from what I've read.


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Are you reading the box and trying to hit the same numbers?
I don't have salty shrimp, but Dennerle doesn't list the numbers in "TDS", they list them in micro-Siemens.

TDS is actually a bit of a mess, because there are a couple of different scales for TDS, which produce different numbers.
The reason Dennerle uses micro-siemens is because that is a "non-calculated" value, so scale doesn't matter.

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