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Tracking Sulawesi Cardinal Shrimp (Carinina dennerli) for Research

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I'm a design researcher from Vancouver looking at species of animals and plants whose existence depends wholly on human intervention, basically, they only survive in captivity. The Sulawesi Cardinal Shrimp hasn't been seen in its one native lake in Indonesia since 2013 and after speaking with some scientists about their population, it seems like there is no research on their numbers in captivity. So this is my attempt to track them down. The pursuit of this information is purely academic and I have no financial or regulatory stake in the species; I'm not affiliated with any government or corporation. All that said, I was hoping that some shrimp enthusiasts on here would give me some advice and help. Any advice is appreciated!


Is there any sort of industry catalogue of species being sold? A sort of aquarium store buyers guide? 


Alternatively, so that I could make a map, if you keep these shrimp would you be willing to let me know how many you have and what city you are located in? 


Here is a picture of what the species looks like. 


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There are a number of us who keep this species.  Many are on subject specific Reddit and Facebook groups.  If you start looking there, you can get a general overview and also direct contact with people who are keeping and breeding the species.  If you PM me, I can give you my details (or find me on a Reddit group where there's a more active conversation).


Good luck,



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