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Sulawesi Shrimp Collection

Steve R.

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As suggested in previous posts, I am starting this post to collect data, references and pictures for a overview about Sulawesi shrimps that are available. I am starting with Caridina sulawesi (Sulawesi crown shrimp), which I am selectively breeding


Genus: Caridina

Species: C. sulawesi

Common name: Sulawesi crown shrimp (SCS)

Description: Cai, Y. and Ng, P. K. L.(2009) 'The freshwater shrimps of the genera Caridina and Parisia from karst caves of Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia, with descriptions of three new species (Crustacea: Decapoda: Caridea: Atyidae)',Journal of Natural History,43:17,1093 — 1114

Habitat: Rivers in Sulawesi Selatan

pH range: 6.2 – 8.2 (possibly wider range)

Temperature range: 20˚C - 30˚C (68˚F - 86˚F)

Comment: More prolific in neutral to slightly basic water. Colors and patterns are stronger in acidic water. Colors and patterns are highly variable.


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