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Massive fry


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I put five CBS that were berried in a small one gallon tank while I was working on the new Mr. Aqua 12 gallon tank, and they all had their fry, so I have cbs fry like crazy. It looks like there is a 100 fry easy in the tank. It just has a leaf bottom on bare glass with a sponge and mini canister and a air stone, but the tank is full of fry. The bottom has Indian almond leaf, mulberry leaf, oak leaf, alder cones and small plant and that's it, but they are munching on the leafs like crazy, plus I put in some baby powder. They are growing fast, and only a week old, but there is a ton of them. It is so cool!

See my new post in the journals on the Mr. Aqua 12 gallon setup. I love the clarity of the Mr. Aqua tank. It is crystal clear!

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