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Blue Velvets $1.95 sale!

Soothing Shrimp

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I have Blue Velvet culls from earlier generations of my Sonic project I need to move out.  Some are greenish, some are light, some are medium, and at least one is a BVR*, etc.


I need to move out the BV cull tank, so I can use the tank to deepen my Sonic project.


I have not moved moss in the tank yet, however I think I have only 1 (possibly 2) packages of 10 BV culls for 19.50 + $10 insulated priority shipping.  I may have more, however until I move the moss, it's really hard to see them all. 


*BVR= Blue Velvet Red- splotches of red on the BV.  The red usually goes away by juvie age, however in less than 1% red is retained into adulthood.  Almost all lose the red by late adulthood.

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