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Strange behavior

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So yesterday I noticed a few of my shrimp bending their tails inwards and using their hind legs to clean their tails. At least thats what it looks like... I have never seen them do this, then all of a sudden I saw about 5 shrimp do it within a half hour. It was red cherry shrimp and amano shrimp doing this. Why would they do this? I haven't seen it much since, but my amanos are still acting weird and are hiding more than normal, and their swimmerets are more active than I have noticed in the past? I kinda hope I'm just overthinking this..



I also noticed one lone red cherry shrimp that seems like it may have a bacterial infection. Looked like a white opaque are in its tail. I am hoping its not related, but I will try and snag a pic of him sometime.

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