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Getting tank ready

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No, Bacter AE is not nitrifying bacteria.


you need something like Seachem Stability.

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Stability seems to kill Plants though... I put some in and my java moss started dying.


I never had this kind of issue.


I use it in all my new tanks. and for existing tank, I add it occasionally.


It's better than other similar product, because it works better in acidic environment.

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you need a source for ammonia as well if I remember with these additives or else when you add these bacteria solutions, they'll die because they have nothing to feed on.  


Never had an issue with stability or tetra safestart.  I find safestart a lot easier to use as it's 1 and done but sometimes it's availability is an issue.  I tend to use stability a lot more cause I horde my TSS lol.....for no particular reason

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