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RAOK Duckweed

Soothing Shrimp

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Anyone have a pet that eats duckweed?  Ducks, Turtles, Goldfish, Mystery Snails, etc?


Do you want this floater in your tanks?


I have two small tupperware containers full of duckweed I just scooped from my tanks yet again.  Have no idea on weight. A pound maybe?  Regardless- a lot!


Anyway, contact me if you want any and are willing to pay shipping, and it's yours. 


It will probibly have snails and an occasional baby cherry shrimp I missed here and there, but who knows?


Usually I charge $10 shipping for insulated priority box, but as I'm not super familier with sending plants- if you want a cheaper mailing option let me know.


Plants will be thrown out Fri eve if no one wants them.  Just thought I'd check first.

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