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Algae outbreak


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Haven't posted in a while so let's see what everyone comes up with here.

While I was on vacation, my main tank had an outbreak of blue green bacteria, and bba. Ask me why, I have no idea. I dosed down my ferts a month in advance so they wouldn't need anything for a week. No algae before I left. My co2 was on low. Lighting schedule cut back two hours until I got back for a month. No problems.

I get back and my planter box is covered in blue green algae, it is right under the light... Maybe that had so sj to do with it.

My ar mini, polygonum praetermissum, glass orb planters. Amazonia, and some hygro pin are starting to get covered in bba, the substrate I can get rid of the algae on I've tried removing a layer, treating with peroxide.

Any idea what's going on or how to get rid of this stuff permanently.

I was thinking of maxing my co2 just to my fish can handle it and turn it down a notch, double dosing my pps pro ferts and doing bi weekly water changes. And bombing the tank with peroxide, I really do and can't buy new Amazonia and new plants I can't afford that right now. And I don't want to go to my old work for meds to kill the cyano, I don't like using meds unless absolutely necessary.

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I think your on the right track with the co2 and peroxide. The only time I ever got realy bad outbreaks of BGA. Was due to over fertilization, and lack of flow. Do you have dead spots where the BGA is most prevalent.

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