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Wicker balls


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Today while at Michael's art and crafts looking for drift wood not marked up for aquarium use. I stumbled across these wicker balls. They looked like they would be of use in my tank as a good surface for beneficial bacteria and moss to grow on. So I trimmed off some java moss and attached it using cotton thread. Below are two images showing this. Can any body think of a reason this may be a bad idea. Right now they are floating in the tank and the shrimp are hanging on them. Ka6521520de0b8fa2242d14316862b16d.jpg52bd53070aa4dc11e2a870b860f505a7.jpg

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Cute! I don't know if they were treated with anything, would be my only worry. And they might take a while to saturate and sink, but boiling might be a good thing on both counts.

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I'm pretty sure wicker, rattan, and grapevine are spray treated after harvest and then soaked in chemicals to bend them or put into a jig/mold. My mother worked at a large florist warehouse for awhile and would get contact dermatitis when she worked with the wicker and grapevine wreaths.

Personally I wouldn't put anything from a craft store in my tank. Most of that stuff is made overseas with lower chemical standards.

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