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Shrimp rack furniture?


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I was going to use one of those garage shelf for a shrimp rack in the house but it really doesn't fit in with the other furniture and I've been encouraged to use some thing that "looks nice". I'm not sure I can or want to build something. I'm looking for something with 3 shelves that could fit a few 3/5g and maybe a 10 on the bottom. Is there anything at ikea that I could use/ reinforce? Any ideas?


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I have a KALLAX shelving unit, it comes in lots of colors. It holds quite a few pounds. I have 3x 5 gallon chi on the top, it can hold a 20 long, i have 2 10 gallons on the bottom, a 5 gallon and 2.5 gallon in the middle along with some vases.



When you assemble it, make sure you have it position correctly, i have two friends that had this side ways when i went to their house, lol when its side ways only the pins are holding all the weight and it won't be able to support all these tanks.


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This one? http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/40275813/#/60275812

Looks perfect. Did you have to reinforce the center shelf?

Product dimensions

Depth: 15 3/8 "

Height: 30 3/8 "

Width: 30 3/8 "

Max load/shelf: 29 lb

Max. load/wall cabinet: 44 lb 1 oz. ???

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No, i didn't reinforce them, its why i only have 2.5 gallon and 5 gallon on it. I wouldn't put anything more than 5 gallons on the center shelf.   It does say the max load is 29 lbs, but i have about 5 gallon in each of the center shelf. The bottom should have no issues holding 10 gallon tanks. I wouldn't go bigger than a 20 L on the top.


Also the dimensions of the shelves are 13 x 15 x 12ish?. So you can't fit a traditional 10 gallon tank in them. You can fit a 5 gallon tho. I have  3 custom made arylic tanks in them if you can see, so they fit perfectly (very cheap to make too).

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I also have my 10g on top of the 4-compartment EXPEDIT, precursor to KALLAX. I use the fabric drawers in the compartments for holding/hiding supplies, though. Never thought about putting more tanks in there!

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