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High TDS


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I just  got a TDS meter and I measure my CRS/CBS shrimp tank today it is 871 ppm. o.O  I know thats pretty high. The tank has been set up for 6 months and the shrimps has been in it for 2 months. What should I do to lower it down? I have been toping it off with Ro/DI water. My Tap water is 215ppm and a ph of 8.0. I don't have a GH and KH tester yet.


15 Gallon Long Tank

ADA Amonzonia

Temp 73 Degree











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I was given this advice recently when try to adjust water parameters - use R.O water remineralized to the parameters you want to finally achieve and do 10% water change daily until you have achieved your goal. It will take some time especially if you are wanting to reduce the TDS significantly as you don't want to cause TDS shock. I also learned that if the shrimp are OK don't mess with the water unless you know what you are doing. I jumped in feet first with R.O. water and ended up with a rapid pH drop which has more or less been corrected now, but it has taught me to go gently in future.

Definitely worth getting the test kits for GH & KH when you can.

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Also, if you have been topping off with only RO, you need to test the TDS of your RO. Could it be that your TDS pen is faulty?

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