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Sulawesi Cardinal, Carbon Rili, Blue Velvet, PFR, Red Rili, Fire Neon Yellow


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Hello Shrimp Spot. Glad to see a forum dedicated to shrimp! Being a new member here and trying to get more people to come here I will offer a 10% discount on every order placed through the end of September excluding shipping charges. Only if you PM me here does not apply to any other For Sale Ad. Shipping and water params are at the bottom of this ad. Let me know if you have any questions.

Sulawesi Cardinal Shrimp

5 for $100 Shipped Express with a heat pack

10+1 for $140 Shipped Express with a heat pack






Fire Neon Yellow know for a very yellow color with a yellow stripe down there back!

$4 each buy 10 get 1 free!



Red Rili High Grade

$3 each buy 10 get 1 free!




Carbon Rilis

$5 each buy 10 get 1 free!




Dark Blue Velvets

$4 each buy 10 get 1 free!




Tangerine Tigers

$5 each buy 10 get 1 free




These are my personal shrimp that are bred in straight tap water with no additives. My tap water comes out with a PH of 7.5, TDS 150, KH 11 and the only thing I add is seachem safe as a dechlorinator. I keep my temps from 72F-75F. The Cardinal Shrimp tank has the same parameters accept for the temp which is 82F-84F

You will get 1/3" or bigger shrimp in a Kordon breather bag, Styrofoam lined box, and a plant trimming for the shrimp to hang on to during transport. I will ship Priority Mail via USPS on Saturday and Tuesday for $12 and that includes a cold pack if necessary or you can opt for Express delivery for $32 and that will go out on Tuesday. I guarantee against DOA with either shipping option.

Disclaimer for package guarantee.

The package must be received on the first delivery attempt and pics of the package must be sent to my email address of rossmulyar(at)msn(dot)com within 2 hours after the delivery in case of any DOA.

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Thanks again everyone for your support!  :thumbsu:  fishyd PM sent and yes let us now transition back to shrimp related questions please. 


Mayphly those are actually Malaysian Trumpet Snails but because of the high light on this tank they start growing algae on their backs.  :)

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Thank you h4n  :thumbsu: and thank you guys for the compliments. The Cardinals get up to almost an inch as full grown adults and I sell them 1/3"-1/2" which is the best size to ship them at. These guys are actually easy to breed once you figure out that they don't like temps below 82f. They will survive down to 78f but thriving they start at 82f. I bought these from a seller on aquabid and they were homebred then. Now almost 2 years in I have a colony of over 200 shrimp :) pretty good especially with a start of only 15 Cardinals :) 

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