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RAOK -- I Love FALL!


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Hey guys, I wanna pass along some more goodness via RAOK!

(I can't believe the last official list RAOK I did was to help us reach **150** members! My, how we've grown!)

I love fall! It's a wonderful season, and it's finally starting to feel good and crisp around here, so I thought I'd do a fall themed giveaway.

I'll pick three winners from the list, and they'll have their pick (in order drawn) from:

- big bowl of Salvinia minima floaters (water spangles) - you don't have to take the whole thing, but I'm trashing it if you don't want it

- a golfball of Taiwan moss (2 available)

Standard disclaimer for some snails, floating riccia fluitans, or possibly algae, although I really don't have any right now except for a few stubborn traces of BBA on my driftwood.


Winners put $4 toward shipping via PayPal towards USPS Priority Flat Rate, and I'll cover the rest.

I also like to tuck random extra goodies into packages sometimes, like shrimp food samples, or non-aquarium treats.

When you make your numbered list, you also have to say something you like about fall! Repeats are permissible, but with so much to love about the season, why would you have to? ;)

Have at it!



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Aw, Archie1208, not a fan of autumn?

I'm loving all the responses, guys!

(And I realized we have a couple southern hemisphere members hanging around too, so you're welcome to post something about spring if so inclined, since it's my other most favoritest season, and I don't want to be entirely northern hemisphere centric :) )

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I used to love fall. I'd get to start new classes, the weather was absolutely perfect, and moon cakes were in season.

Nowadays, fall means chasing around large animals in the mud, and the start of flu season. Also, I usually have to explain why I don't celebrate my birthday at least once.

I miss fall.

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Winners by random number generator are....

2 - MN Shrimping

4 - Metageologist

1 - Poopians

First two PM me with your info and preference (salvinia or moss) and we'll get your stuff on the way this week! Poopians, PM me your info and I'll let you know what I've got left!

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