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Do males take time to "recharge"?

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Hi guys,

Ive got 1 male in a tank with over 10 females. My question is have you witnessed a male fetilize many females consecutively. Or do they have to recharge after each attempt?

Ive only gotten 2 females berried. And the time in between has been about a week.

Most of the other non-berried females have super thick saddles and look ready to be berried to me. Some have also molted.

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I hope my shrimp isn't over 50.

Update: another female berried. That makes 3 females total so far. And its also been about a week since the last one got berried.

So im going to assume in my case males do need about a week to recharge before theyre good to mate again. Ill keep observing.

It could just be that the female molts have just coincidentally been 1 week apart.

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