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Male to female ratio


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Unfortunately another of my female shrimp died today leaving only 1 saddled female and 6 immature (?) males as far as I can tell.

Is she likely to get harassed in this ratio? She is the biggest of the remaining shrimp, and I do realise that size is irrelevant when it comes to harassment. 

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When she molts, yes, she'll be harassed (if the males are mature by then), but that shouldn't be a problem. Once she's berried, they'll get along just fine. You'd probably want to keep an eye on her just after she molts just in case the males are too aggressive but I wouldn't worry too much.

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I saved one female after molting, I have too many males in the tank at that time. she was exhausted, and barely can swim.

I net her out into the breeding box, she survived and berried next day.


If I don't take action, surely she will die.


I had hundreds males in the tank, now I remove most of it.

may be too much, I don't have any female berried at this time.

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She's growing so she's moulting a couple of times a week I think. Haven't witnessed any aggressive pursuits (or any pursuits at all yet - in fact she the one who seems keen but they don't which is what makes me think they are still immature).

There's one male who seems to be a bit bigger than the others but doesn't seem to be any breeding activity as yet.

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