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too much baking soda

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So I accidentally used too much baking soda in my crs tank, and jumped my 5.3ph to 7ph .  I did a 50% water change, but the ph is holding at 7ish.  Is there something I can use to drop the ph a little to 6.5ish or so?


I read I can't use vinegar because with the baking soda in the water it forms carbolic acid and creates carbon dioxide.


Do I just wait for the up sand to lower it again?

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Better to under react then over react, just leave it be check it tomorrow see where your at. They already had one ph swing best not give them another  one, I'd do small water changes for the next few day's drip them in if you can.

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6.5ish- 6.8ish is where I would like.  Had berries twice before and both were dropped.  I'm trying to breed for super red phenotypes.


I noticed the crs berried is still berried today, so that's good news.  ph is at 7 now.  6.9 this morn when I turned on lights.  I don't think I'll mess with it, and allow the sand to fight the soda.

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