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FS: Unusual Neo Project culls

Soothing Shrimp

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This is a very unusual and rare neo shrimp variety.  I looked for months hitting up breeder after breeder, seller after seller until I got my basic stock. From there, I worked with them for the past couple years getting them to the point where they are now.


Some of you know that I have been working on my BBRR project for a long while now.  The challenge has been "shell pigment vs tissue color." Consider it a see-saw.  If you increase one, the other goes down and visa versa.   It's definitely the most challenging project I've had to date.


I wasted much time in the beginning buying what was supposed to be genetic BBRR, but actually turned out to be "accidentals" from RR.  Simply, the BBRR did not carry through to the offspring.  After much trial and error, I managed to breed a colony that seems to be throwing a good amount of BBRR.  However, now having achieved that, the coloration still isn't as intense as I would like.


So, the time has come to save my best 5 and say good by to the rest, in order to attempt to line up more modifiers for better coloration.


Some of you have written me asking what would be an interesting project to try...this may be your answer.


Here's a pic of some of the colony.





Most of these I'm selling off now appear as RR (and may actually be BBRR, but have extremely light blue tissue.)   I do have the occasional cherry and BR thrown.  Interestingly enough, as far as I can tell, every single one carries the genetics for BBRR though.


True breeding BBRR are pretty rare in my experience.  Most are accidentals from RR strains.  I've seen some pretty bad ones go for go for ~$7 ea.  But hey, some sellers may have a source for legit and cheaper strains.


I can only vouch for my own strain.  I really want to give people here a crack at these.  I feel these could be a great var. with enough people working on them for intensity of color. 


But here's the fine print:  I'd really like these to go to people who want to improve this unusual neo project variety.  Wouldn't it be great to have a deep blue tissue with opaque red pigments?


If you own 1 tank and want to try these- great!  If you own 60 tanks and want to try your hand at this project- that's fine, too.  I've already put a couple years into it, so you are that far along already.  To be honest, I just don't want mass breeding with no concern of improving this strain.  We have enough big breeders doing that already.


So here's a great deal for the Shrimp Spot Forum:


A package of 10 shrimp for only $19.50 + $10 priority shipping in the continental US!  These will be picked randomly from the tank, and may show RR, BBRR, BR or cherry.  As stated though, all contain true BBRR genes.


I *think* I have close to 4 packages left.


Sound fair?

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Was going to go BBRR at first then decided to switch to oebt but after reading alot this past week decided to revert back to bbrr. Including your entire Bbrr club page on PT, figured I might as well put my new fancy science degree to work. If no one takes you up on your offer, In a month I'll be all over it!

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