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Hi :)

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I joined this forum for a pretty long time and never introduced myself.

My name is Marvin.

I'm probably the youngest shrimp keeper here :)

I'm 19 and live in New York.

I currently have five tanks set up and soon a six.

I'm on the computer most of the time.

I'm into business. I slacked and didn't go to school for a year and did business on Amazon. Made quite a heck load which is how I afford my stuff for shrimp keeping.

Even though I've been here for quite some time and loads of information absorbed, I still have lots to learn.

I love surfing the web looking for new products to sell.


I don't remember how I found this website but most likely from googling shrimp information. 

This is an amazing forum and I'm surprised at how quickly it grew.



That's about it. 

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Welcome Marvin! This is an amazing place and we are growing very quickly and I hope we continue to grow in a positive direction learning, teaching and sharing experances with one another.

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