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Which neos breed mostly true?

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I'm really looking for my next neo colony that won't require a lot of culling to have a tank with solid colors (anything except red).... So my question is.....

I understand some culling is necessary to prevent a neo colony from going back to wild colors but which neo varieties have the highest percentage of breeding true to color? Do Pumpkins put out 50% pumpkins? Do blue dreams put out 20% blues? Chocolates, snowballs, neon yellows?

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For the more exotic species I find dream blue and bloody mary pretty good. I know so many other said they don't breed true but they do okay for me.


Almost all babies from my dream blue are blue, 70% will be as blue as the parents and 29% would be lesser blue but still blue, that 1 % may be almost transparent or sometimes even red.


Bloody mary are about the same. It may give a false impression when babies are small, as some will turn red later on. It does take a bit more culling than dream blue but 100% easier than PFR.

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