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Ludwigia "Mini" Super Red


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I originally aquired this plant from the Aqua Forest several years ago and it has thrived in all my tanks and in all different conditions. The ones i'm offering today come from my emersed tank. They are the ones in the pics below. They only grow 2" -3" in this enviornment and tend to "creep" on the ground. The plant is so tough that I wrapped a bunch on a stick where it still grows like a weed today. You can do this and keep it trimmed low and it looks pretty cool. Plant grows great in shrimp tanks although not quite as red. I'm offering 5 stems shipped for $16. That's only two bucks a stem plus priority shipping.I always include extra stuff in all my sales! PM me if interested. :)




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Here is a pic what they look like submerged. They will grow taller when submerged. Emersed they only tend to grow 2"-3" Depending on your water they can turn deep dark red like in the pic. The pearling tells me that they are happy!



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Oh I really like how you wrapped that around  the wood.  how did you get it to stay?

I just used fishing line and trim the heck out of it since it grows so fast. I swear you can not kill this plant!

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definitely not white. I am way to OCD.. seeing the little poops and other debris showing up on the bottom made me tear apart and entire tank once and start over hehe.    The room has hunter green walls.. I wanted to try to match the room.  


Oooppppsss sorry mayphly, we hijacked your thread~

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Jadenlea, I recently used a new dark substrate which I ended up putting my aura tigers in. What a mistake that was. I can barely see my shrimp. Needless to say I'll be moving then into another tank soon. Hope you pick the right color for your shrimp.[emoji4]

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