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Soothing Shrimp

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I got my new stock of leasts from a good buy.  Apparently too good.


I've been removing affected individuals from the tank off and on, and like it or not, I've come to the conclusion I should have quarantined the fish and made sure they weren't carrying anything first. 


I think ich is in my aquarium. Although they don't scratch, the occasional one has white sand spots.  :(


I don't want to use meds because I may use it for shrimp later, and have read that 85-86 degree water and 2-3Tbs of salt per gallon will take care of it also.  I have a bare bottom tank.


How many degrees should I safely raise the temp per day for the fish? 

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I would raise it by 2-3 degrees per day till you reach 85-86.

Fish is already in enough stress, best take it slow.

I would not add that much salt. All your beneficial bacteria would die from the salt from what I've heard.

1 tablespoon per 5 gallon is enough.

Salt only helps with their gills.


Do daily water changes.

Good luck :)

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You probably know this anyway, but if you do go the increased temperature route make sure that you increase the aeration in the tank as the oxygen level will dip with the increased temp.

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