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Wire rack or aquarium stand


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I'm setting up a few shrimp tanks in the kitchen and am trying to decide between a wire shelving rack like from Home Depot 36w x 14d x 54h holds about 250lbs per shelf or Titan Eze double stand. I don't have room for the really heavy duty shelving some are using. My intention is 3 or 4 nano tanks per shelf. I know the Titan needs a wood shelf added as its only a frame and the wire shelf too maybe? The wire rack will let me place the tanks a little higher than the Titan stand but not sure how stable the wire stands are. They look kind of light weight.

Anyone have experience with these racks?

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I've also got a wire rack with the 600 lbs per shelf...

My divided 55 gallon is on it right now, cycling now on the bottom shelf for 5 weeks now and no sagging.

Found the one I got by a dumpster one night ^^b was just missing the plastic pieces that hold the shelves.

If I was going to buy one though. I would get one like this...


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That is some pretty heavy duty rack lol you can put 125 gallon tanks on those racks  :thumbsu:

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The Costco ones are pretty big. I tried a wire rack that said 300 lbs per shelf but I put two 5 g on one shelf only partially full and I could see it sag. I ended up with an ikea expedit 4 square book shelf. Works great for 3G and 5g on the shelves and 17g on top and looks good in the kitchen. I'm just not going to be able to have a wall of 10g in the kitchen :(.

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