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Jumping Shrimp

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I noticed three of my ghost shrimp are jumping out of the water today. One of them made it out of the slit between the lid and the tank :( I didn't notice in time so he was all dead and dry before I could nudge him back in. Is there a reason why they're doing this? What can I do? 2b143ebd537a5b1dfbda468e39c5ec01.jpg

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I agree with Poopians - there's something in your water they don't like.

What are your water parameters (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH, GH, KH, temp) and tank set-up (equipment etc - was it cycled)?

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Something about your water isn't right!!!

Is your tank cycled?

Are there predators in your tank?

Are your water parameters correct for this type of shrimp?

Lower water level?

I would say the ghost shrimp doesn't like something in the water.

I just did a quick strip test:

Nitrate - 0

Nitrite - 0.5

pH - 7

Carbonate hardness - looks like 10-20

General hardness - 60 (mg/L)

I cycled my tank for a week an added stability and prime (seachem).

Added prime everyday after the first day.

There's carnivorous Hatchet fish, cherry shrimp and some snails in there as well. This morning my hatchet fish passed away :(

Should I add more moss balls?

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