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correlation between ph and temperature

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Interesting.  Since I have had my ph meter set up and running continuously, I noticed that as the temperature goes higher, the ph goes lower.  (I have very little kh in my crystal tank.)


I just checked online to find out if this is indeed the case, and it appears so:


"The most basic chemical reaction affecting pH is the dissociation of water:
H2O --> H+ + OH-
Over the temperature range 0 to 60 degrees Celsius [32F - 140F] , this reaction becomes more favorable. This means that neutral water will contain a higher concentration of H+ as the temperature increases, so the pH will decrease. "

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Interesting find. I have noticed a correlation between temp and TDS in my tanks. I have not done research on it but find that my Sulawesi tanks have a tds range of 240-280 and my non heated tanks range from 160-180. Sorry for going off topic just thought I would add my observation on this as well :)

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