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So I thought I would post this story in the hopes it will save some little shrimps life like a similar story I read on a forum ages ago saved mine last night.


Yesterday was one week to the day of receiving my mischlings from a seller here on these boards.  I don't have perfect water for them so I've been stressing out every day hoping that they will survive and thrive.   I sent a PM last night to the seller and told him how it has been a week and they are all doing great and I am so happy.


After sending the mail I went back to bask in the serenity of gazing into my tank.  OH NO.  Dead shrimp!  I jinxed myself.   It was laying on its side not moving and I was so sad.   I got the net and went to fish it out and low and behold ( You experienced people know what happened next)   It jumped up and swam away.  I continued to watch and it stood in one place, not moving, not eating.   My very own shrimp statue... and then................. THUNK ... it fell over on its side again.    I waited a while and gave it a poke.  Once again it got up.    By the time I went to bed it had fallen over again and had been laying in the same spot for about an hour.   I thought it was a goner, but I vaguely remembered reading a post ages ago about this happening to someone and the shrimp eventually molted and was fine.    I didn't have much hope but I had enough hope, not to take it out of the tank and throw it away.   It is my largest female and I thought, maybe being older she didn't adjust well to the new water parameters.


I did do an internet search trying to find posts about molting being mistaken for dead and could not find any so I wasn't even sure I was remembering right. 


This morning I got up, and in the exact spot where she had been laying when I went to bed, there was a nice molted shell and she was hanging in the moss eating away!       It was a great way to start the morning!!!~


Anyway, if it were not for that vague memory of the story I read on shrimp boards so long ago,  she would have been taken from the tank and thrown away but instead, she is alive.  Hopefully,  someday someone in the same situation will remember reading my post and save their own shrimp.


Now I know it should not take hours   for a shrimp to molt, so that is a concern.     I did just rechecked my  GH and TDS  per suggestion of the seller and they seem fine.   (GH 4  Tds 240 )  I guess I will keep watch for others having trouble.   If so, maybe order a new test kit... this one is over a year old.  


 That is my story.  Thanks for reading  :) 

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I am glad all worked out well. Usually that is a sign that the shrimp was having a hard time molting, not in all cases. Some may just take a while, I had noticed this before at the very beginning stages of keeping shrimp. That is why now add more supplements to my shrimp tanks, I would rather add to many trace elements, minerals, etc. than not enough. At least I know if the shrimp dies it isn't a case where I could of prevented it; like molting.

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I had a similar experience except it wasn't a molt. It actually was dying.

I dumped a few snowball shrimp into a tank currently being cycled and thinking it's safe to just dose Prime to keep ammo, nitrite safe. Dosed prime every 2 days and after about 5 days, I've noticed one of the snowballs layed on it's side. I quickly moved all snowball shrimps back into the breeder box hanging on my cycled Fire Red tank. It was being picked at(some tried to eat it) and still laying on the side. Eventually after about 1-2 hours, it got back on it's feet!! YAHH but no molt. Really glad I saved it just in time!!

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