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Highfin Swords


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Oh duh, yes I know your question:P I am tired, so you are talking about swordfish, the livebeaers right? If so I would get 1 male and 3-4 females, and ONLY get what colors you want the fry to be, so if you get red wag females, and a yellow male, your fry will be a mix of them,.and some will be a cross of the colors.

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LOL swordTAIL. Swordfish are delicious. :P

Whether they will breed true depends on their genetic background. Most should breed true if you get them from reputable sources. If you have some breeding goals, yes, you'll need to cull them and selectively breed just like almost anything.

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Careful with highfins I have heard the males have a hard time breeding I'm guessing something about the finnage getting in the way?? Breeders use reg fin males with the high fin females....take with a grain of salt as this is hearsay and not first hand knowledge.

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