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Shrimp -Auction: 10 + 2 Malawa Shrimp

Soothing Shrimp

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Offer title: Auction: 10 + 2 Malawa Shrimp

Offer Submitter: Soothing Shrimp

Offer Submitted: 05 Nov 2014

Offer Category: Shrimp

Let's try out this auction setting. :)


For auction: 10 Malawa + 2 more in case of DOA.  Starting at only $1 !!!




***The Malawa Shrimp are NOT known to crossbreed with ANY other shrimp!*** Pic is of Malawa on a 12" leaf.  Often they have tiger stripes, and colors can range from reddish-brown, greyish-black, blue, to greenish-clear. [Please don't ask for specific colors since they all have the same genetics.] Keep in mind, to my knowledge no one has bred a color strain of these yet, so the opportunity is there- especially since these will pretty much outbreed cherries any day!


US Continental shipping only $10 priority insulated box.


Good Luck!


If you are looking at this in the Market section rather than the market tab, you'll have to click on the "show offer" button below.  If using phone to view this, you may be directed to a random link. (?)

Click here to show this offer

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