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A Calibration-Free, Dry-Storable pH Meter!!!!!!

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Just found this when doing my daily shrimp research!  A breakthrough in ph technology! You don't have to calibrate it, it's heavy duty tough, and doesn't need that glass globe that has to be stored wet!
pHit Scanner™ calibration-free pH meterSupplier: Senova Systems

- Calibration-free
- Non-glass
- Dry-storage
- Handheld form factor
- User replaceable sensor cartridge
- General laboratory use
- pH Range: 2-12
- pH unit resolution: .01
- Temperature range: 5-50 °C
- Integrated temperature sensor accurate to ± 0.1 °C
- Automatic temperature compensated pH
- Proprietary solid state sensor and reference
- Cartridge diameter: 12mm

The pHit Scanner™ is the world's first calibration-free pH meter. The pHit Scanner's new and unique technology platform incorporates an advanced sensor and electronics into a novel product design, resulting in a non-glass design and significantly enhancing usability compared to traditional pH meters. The pHit Scanner can also be stored dry when not in use and runs off a rechargeable battery.

Data from the pHit Scanner can also be transmitted to your computer via Bluetooth or USB. The resulting data is compiled using pHit Reports™, proprietary software developed by Senova Systems, where you can view and export data being sent by the pHit Scanner.

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