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Aquaex nano gravel cleaner?

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I was looking for a way to clean bare bottom and gravel bed in a 5g tank with something better than airline tubing. Google found this European gravel cleaner I'd like to try. Says its shrimp safe. Anyone try this or seen it for sale in the States?



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i bought one of these last year and it works really well.  i had to cut the piping down so it was shorter to fit my 2.5 and 5 gal, but for the price i would recommend it.  shrimp safe as long as you watch where youre cleaning ;)



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Do MTS, take care of the layer of waste on the substrate? If so, I'll definitely consider adding them to my tanks. The ramshorns don't do much with it.

i have very little poop build up because of them.. I dont know if they eat it, or just keep it turned into the substrate... They also prevent old tank syndrome
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