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Tapatalk handling advice?


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So this is actually the only forum I didn't already ban myself from - yay, but that means I'm gonna ask about Tapatalk here. Sorry in advance.

I used to use it to access the forum from my phone, then it stopped working after an upgrade. I downloaded a new version, and finally persuaded it to let me log in.

Everything SEEMS fine. But when I bring up Tapatalk, it is showing me all these feeds that reeeeeally don't seem like they belong to Shrimpspot (the first one was someone complaining that people should stop private messaging her with IT questions, the second was a plea for tips on how not to get banned). If I click on them, it says it doesn't know what I am trying to access, or that I don't have permission.

Does anyone know what is going on?

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*cough* Um, so that's not an option because that was on an older model phone that stopped working ...

And whew! I thought I was hallucinating at first. I am so glad it's not just me. (I actually have stress auditory hallucinations from time to time, so I'm always a little hesitant to believe what I see or hear.)

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I am seeing the same crazy posts on the feed when you first enter tapatalk. It doesn't look like member posts to me either.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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