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Replashy Foods


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I watched a YouTube of a guy who mixes 90ml of water with 30ml of product.  So as long as you use 3 parts water with 1 part product - boil the water then add the product, you can make as little as you want to not waste.  I was thinking of mixing a small amount and finding a tiny plastic egg crate mold and freezing it - according to website, it keeps 6 months in freezer - 2 weeks in fridge.

So did your shrimp like it?

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I'm thinking of trying the shrim souffle too. Since I already had it for goldfish, I have been feeding Super green and on occasion Soilent Green. The shrimp specific foods are kind of boggling my mind.

Its really easy to make smaller batches of the repashy. I do 1Tbs powder/3 Tbs boiling water let it set on a small plate, once its solid I slice it up and lay it on wax paper and make little stacks that fit in a sandwich bag and freeze it. I put a date on it and pull out a sheet when I need it and keep that portion, usually enough for a week or so, in the fridge. You can even take even smaller amounts and make a paste and smear it on a rock or tile. I do this for the baby goldfish, easier to let them graze than try to make tiny pieces for their tiny mouths.

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