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Buying tanks

OMG Aquatics

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Be sure to check the tank yourself. You can't trust employees these days.

Bought 2 10g tanks and went home.

Got home and unpacked the tanks and what do I find?

A tank with crazy cracks on one side...

The store is freaking 1 hour away and it's cold and I don't drive...

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That sucks you have along walk ahead of you. [emoji12]

I should have checked myself...

This isn't the first time they took out a broken tank for me.

The last time they got me a tank, it was broken but the employee spotted it and got a new one.


Looks like they have poor management with their storage...

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I can tell you from experience the guys in the warehouses don't care we got paid by the pallet unloaded and truck loaded. Dint cate if we broke it or not we always blamed the driver or the receiving dock.

Where do you buy tanks they are packaged every tank I gave purchased were unwrapped.

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